In this section I will show you how I draw a portrait.

Remember this is to help not copy, innovate don't imitate.

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Step 1 =

Pretty obvious, pick a picture you think u can draw.

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Step 2 =

Start with a light pencil (2H), and start drawing the facial features very lightly.
I recommend drawing the eyes, nose, and then mouth, in that order, but that is not to say you cannot start with the mouth and work your way up.
Whatever feels comfortable to you.

Step 3 =

Once the face is drawn, start going a little darker so the face starts to come to life.
Remember to keep looking at the ref and your drawing, and make the necessary adjustments.

The most important RULE I leanrt is:

Just draw what you see.

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Step 4 =

Once you're happy with the face, start drawing the hair.
Remember the hair can be pretty difficult, but just keep at it.

You know the saying:

"Nothing this Good comes Easy"

Complete =

And there you have it "Chiaki Kuriyama" comes ALIVE

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Wanna compare =

Well that's an artist's natural reaction.

OK I could have done this, this way, and that, that way.

But hey, no-one's Perfect.

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